Top News Stories Today: Sunak to lead the UK, Putin, China markets, Apple (AAPL) – Bloomberg

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Good morning. The hard work starts for Rishi Sunak, concern about desperation in the Kremlin and China’s market volatility. Here’s what people are talking about today.
Rishi Sunak spent the summer trying to warn the Conservative Party that Liz Truss would trash the economy if she became UK prime minister. He failed to win the top job then — but is now on the hook for cleaning up her mess. Just seven weeks after Truss traveled to meet Queen Elizabeth II to become premier, Sunak will meet King Charles III on Tuesday to formally replace her. It marks an extraordinary turnaround in his political fortunes, during an astonishing period that saw the death of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and the exit of its shortest-serving prime minister. Sunak is expected to keep Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor of the Exchequer as he seeks to calm markets and form a united government.


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