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Vikram S Rocket launch: Skyroot Aerospace, an Indian Space-Tech startup, has launched its first rocket into space at 11:30 am. The Vikram-S rocket, the first of the Vikram-series took off from the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) launchpad in Sriharikota. This is the first private rocket launch taking place in India.
Vikram-S is a single stage fuel rocket meant to test most systems and processes in Skyroot Aerospace’s project ahead of the launch of Vikram-1 scheduled for next year. The launch today is also a sub-orbital one, meaning the vehicle will reach outer space, it will not remain in orbit around the Earth, with the flight time being less than five minutes. You can check the live stream of launch below.
Check out Live Updates from the launch here.
Check out more details following the succesful launch of the Vikram-S rocket during Mission Prarambh.
Mission Prarambh is successfully accomplished.

Congratulations @SkyrootA
Congratulations India! @INSPACeIND

Vikram-S has successfully completed its mission, and has made history as the first private rocket by India to go to the skies.
Launched! Vikram-S makes history as the first private rocket of India to grace the skies. We thank you all for being with us for this momentous occasion. More details of flight to follow. Keep watching #OpeningSpaceForAll

With a peak altitude of 89.5km, the Vikram-S has crossed the target of 80km above sea level. The rocket is now set to begin its descent soon, where it will safely splash in the Bay of Bengal, about 130km away from land.
The Vikram-S rocket has launched successfuly. The rocket has already crossed Mach-5 speeds and is now reaching its peak altitude.
Here’s why the Vikram-S rocket is unique.
Quick facts on Vikram-S rocket just as it gets ready to be launched. Watch the action here. #OpeningSpaceForAll

With just 10 minutes to go for the launch, catch it live here if you haven’t already.

Here’s a quick visual summary of the mission and what to expect once the launch takes off.
Mission set. Happy to announce the authorization received from IN-SPACe yesterday for 18 November ’22, 11:30 AM, after final checks on readiness and weather. Here’s our #Prarambh mission brochure for you. Watch this space for the launch live link.#OpeningSpaceForAll

The Vikram-S launch during Mission Prarambh is set to kick off during 11:30am. The mission starting time is 30 minutes away now.
We are just minutes away from India’s first private rocket mission. Vikram-S rocket of Skyroot will lift off at 11:30 IST. Catch the action live here: #OpeningSpaceForAll

The Vikram-S rocket is reportedly one of the world’s first few all-composite rockets with 3D-printed solid thrusters and an upgradeable architecture. During Mission Prarambh, the rocket is set to soar at 81km above sea-level, reach a maximum altitude of 101km and splash into the sea about 5 minutes after its launch.
The Vikram-series of rockets developed by Skyroot Aerospace has been named after award-winning physicist Vikram Sarabhai, the Father of the Indian Space Program. Sarabhai also played a key role in developing nuclear power in India
Check out more details on Mission Prarambh and the launch of Vikram-S, India’s first privately built space rocket.
Today’s Vikram-S mission is titled ‘Prarambh’ (the beginning), being the first launch of the Vikram-series of rockets. The mission will also carry payloads built by N Space Tech India, Space Kids and BazoomQ. The first two are Indian space companies while BazoomQ Space Research Lab is from Armenia.
The launch comes two days after the successful launch of NASA’s Artemis-I mission, which in its third attempt, finally managed to send the rocket to space. This is India’s private rocket launch. The launch on Friday will be sub-orbital, with the vehicle travelling slower than orbital velocity. While the vehicle will reach outer space, it will not remain in orbit around the Earth. The flight will take less than five minutes.


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